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Hi!  I'm Kate and thank you for taking the time to check out my website.

After taking early retirement in the Summer of 2021 I set up a small, local dog-walking service, offering a lunch-time walk in our nearby woods to dog owners within the immediate vicinity - I didn't want to take the established route of buying a caged out van and driving round the area for perhaps up to an hour collecting, and then returning,  as many as six dogs.

Subsequently, I started to receive enquiries asking if I ever offered day care or boarding facilities and I realised this was something I could accommodate, but it would be run with compassion, rather than a hard-nosed business.

The idea is that we offer a bespoke, home from home environment for your dog - hopefully as seam-free as possible - he would be swopping one house with sofas, armchairs, squishy cushions and access to a sunny, spacious and secure garden, for another - with humans around all the time!  and friends in the form of our two rescue dogs, Susie and Rocco.

That is how AllDogDayCare started - I recently had to put my dogs into a local kennels for five days and there is no comparison between a concrete pen and mum having to pay extra for them to have a run in an enclosed field or alternatively spending the day just chilling out on sofas, with a walk in the local woods included, and cuddles and companionship on tap.

Please - try it out - I'm sure your dog will give us the thumbs up!

With love -



The Small Details

Health and Safety

We ask that your dog is neutered / spayed and up to date with vaccinations and worming / flea treatment.

Horsham District Council Licence Number: LI/21/0711/HOMEB


I have full Public Liability insurance.

Book and Pay

Payment is cash on the day or BACS in advance, please.

Meet In-Person

We will occasionally welcome more than one visiting dog at a time, but this will be at our discretion and only if we are totally comfortable with the mix of dogs in the household.  We will never put any dogs at risk.

Please get in touch to arrange a visit.

Well behaved small dogs welcome x

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