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About All Dog Day Care ​​​​

What your four legged friend can expect from a day spent with us.

After cuddles and breakfast with his mum and dad, he can be dropped off at our sunny house in Washington, West Sussex, between 8.00 am and 9.00 am.  Once we have welcomed him and made him feel secure, we shall all wrap up and set off for a lovely walk in our local National Trust woods - Warren Hill - which is about a 5 minute walk from our house, with no busy roads to worry about.  Once we are safely in the woods, leads can be unclipped if required, and your dog will have about one and a quarter hours to stretch his legs, say hello to other dogs and discover lots of different smells.

Upon returning home, he may enjoy a small treat (carrot / Dentastix?) and drink loads of fresh water.  After this, he will probably enjoy a snooze on the sofa, or one of the armchairs, and dream about what fun he's had so far.

Once he's rested, he's free to have a wander about the house and maybe a potter around the secure and sunny garden, choosing to lay down wherever he feels comfortable.

At all times, he will have company in the form of my husband and myself, and our two super-friendly and chilled out little rescue dogs, Susie and Rocco.

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